Artist Spotlight: Subdivision

Wed, 17 May 2017 at 14:47

Welcome to Souls Apart, a brand-new network dedicated to showcasing the finest talent in Liquid D&B today. One feature of the website will be artist spotlights where we will interview up and coming talent within the scene. To start us off we’ve gone and had a chat with the talented Nottingham-based producer Josh Ackerman aka ‘Subdivision’. Josh is certainly turning some heads now with releases on Fokuz recordings, Soulvent Records, Soul Trader and Liquid Tones to name a few.

Check out Subdivision’s latest collab release with Precision out here, out on Soul Trader Records now!:

We asked Josh some questions about how he got into making Liquid D&B, here is what he had to say:

Hi Josh, to start things off, what was the very first Drum & Bass track you ever heard?

DJ Fresh - All That Jazz. I remember hearing it and wondering how music could contain this much energy and bass! I wasn’t really interested in music at all before I heard this so I don’t have an interesting story to tell about my non-D&B musical roots.

How did you get into producing D&B?

After frantically listening to D&B for a few years I decided to try my hand at it using a cracked copy of Fruity Loops (classic story).

What producing software / Hardware do you use?

I use Logic 9 with Komplete 10 & the Komplete Kontrol keyboard.

Moving onto DJing, So far what's the best gig you've ever done?

Probably Arcane in Leeds last October. It was really nice seeing the crowd enjoy the forthcoming dubs I played which they’d never heard before. This made it worth all the time spent working on them for sure!

'4AM' is a great tune! Can you tell us about how that came about?

That tune came about since I wanted to create a jungley roller whereby the bass takes the centre stage. I played it out for around a year and held it back for this purpose originally.

You've Collaborated with some great artists in the scene, what is it you like about working on music with someone else?

I find the whole philosophy of music production very interesting and so I am intrigued by the ‘sound’ of other artists and what you can learn from them. Each time I collaborate I find myself picking my new techniques I would never have thought about before. There’s some serious talent in D&B so I’d be silly not to!

Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

5 years?! That’s a long time! I’d like to progress my sound further and maybe have nailed an LP by that point. That, along with a vinyl release, would be the dream!

Thanks Josh!

Well in our opinion there’s no reason not to expect an LP released on vinyl by him at some point!

Keep up to date with Subdivision on his social media pages:

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