Artist Spotlight: Monrroe

Wed, 14 June 2017 at 16:08

This weeks focus is on Gloucester-born, Bath-based liquid producer Elijah Symons aka Monrroe. Towards the end of 2016 we've seen Elijah sign tracks to a handful of respected labels such as Liquicity, Ram Records, Fokuz Recordings and Liquid Tones. He's also gained a wealth of experience DJing after playing various gigs in cities around the south of England as well as having the priveledge of playing overseas at Liquicity nights! Expect lots of new solo music from Elijah, as well as brand new collaborations with artists such as Bert H and Aperio that'll be dropping very soon!

Check out Monrroe's latest EP titled 'Time For Change' out now on Liquicity's sister label 'Galacy'.

Here is what Monrroe had to say when we asked him a bunch of questions about his music...

When did you first discover Drum & Bass? Was there a certain song that kick-started your love for the genre?

I'm not entirely sure exactly when I first discovered D&B, I pretty much grew up listening to it (shout out my mum) so D&B has always been around really. There is definitley a few tracks that kick started it all though... The Ganja Kru- Super Sharp Shooter and Aphrodite- Ganja Man, always remember hearing them when I was kid and just getting lost in those basslines.

What producing software / Hardware do you use?

When it comes to software I'm all about Ableton, such a good bit of kit and the workflow is a dream! Hardware wise I am far to skint to own anything, I do use a few guitar pedals though if I'm feeling a bit adventurous... Not sure if that counts as hardware though.

You've received a lot of support from Liquicity at the moment! What is it like to have your music supported on such a big platform?

It's awesome to have support from Liquicity! When I first got into production it was always a bit of a dream to get something on Liquicity, so is always a bit surreal seeing my music supported by them and being apart of their line ups! I'll always have huge respect for the Liquicity crew and their following, some of the best around for sure.

Your recent EP on Liquicity's sister label 'Galacy' was superb, did you find creating this EP an easy process, or was it challenging at times?

Thank you!! Throughout making the EP I found it a fairly easy process, was one of those lucky few projects that just came together really well in the creative process. There was definitely challenges at times though, but that was mainly due to me just being lazy when building the tracks out of the dreaded '16 bar loop' stage. Once I got the rough build of each track sorted everything started to come together and then the vocal work just finished everything off perfectly. Both Sam King and BLAKE did an awesome job on that!

Do you have any releases coming up soon that we can look forward to?

I've got a few things lined up, have just finished off a couple of singles and an EP (not sure when they will see the light of day though). Have also been busy on a couple of collab projects with Bert H & High N Sick coming out on Fokuz and of course something new with the one and only Aperio... I'm really pleased with how it's all sounding and can't wait to get them out!

Moving onto DJing, What's the best gig you've ever played at to date?

Mhhmm I've definitely played some wicked gig's recently but I think the best one to date is still Liquicity's Winter festival, was non stop vibes from start to finish and I think it was one of my cleanest sets I've played so I'm always stoked about that haha. Am looking forward to the summer festival as well, should be just as good (if not better)!

Finally, where do you want to see yourself in 5 years time?

Within 5 years I would love to still be a happy chap in general and to still be constantly trying to improve my music... But to be in a place where I can make a living from Music/DJ'ing would be a wicked bonus (can finally get some hardware then), also would be awesome to start doing something music orientated where I can help other people... Not entirely sure what but I've got a couple of years to think about it.

Big up the Souls Apart crew for having me!

Cheers for the interview Monrroe! Be sure to follow Elijah on his social network pages:

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