Artist Spotlight: Hugh Hardie

Mon, 17 July 2017 at 17:12

This week we caught up with Hugh Hardie following the release of his debut album on Hospital Records entitled ‘Colourspace’. The album features a blend of perfectly sculpted liquid rollers alongside heavier hitting compositions more appropriate for the dancefloor. Hugh does this whilst making sure his distinctive sound remains a prominent feature throughout. Hugh has had a crazy past couple of years to say the least after signing exclusively to D&B imprint Hospital Records in 2014. He’s also been playing an array of gigs around Europe for Hospital’s world-famous club night Hospitality as well as Liquicity and a host of other top events. This June also saw Hugh play a set at the world’s most famous festival Glastonbury.

Check out one of our favourites from the album, ‘Emerald City’ ft. Pola & Bryson:

We asked Hugh a bunch of questions about his debut album as well as finding out a little more about how he got into Drum & Bass in the first place. Check it out!

Hi Hugh, how are you? Firstly, we'd love to know how you got into Drum & Bass, was there a certain song or artist you discovered which kick-started your love for the genre?

Hi, I’m good thanks. I started listening to dnb around the age of 15. The first tune I remember discovering was High Contrast ‘Racing Green’. A lot of my mates were getting into the tunes around the same time as it was hugely popular in Cambridge due to Logistics, Nutone and Commix all living there and running a monthly night in town.

How did it feel when the music you were making started to attract the attention of Hospital Records?

It was amazing because it was the label I’d grown up listening to the most and always aspiring to become involved with. It was an extremely exciting time when they started releasing my tunes.

Your debut album titled 'Colourspace' is out on Hospital now, we are loving it from start to finish! Did you find the process of making an entire LP challenging at all, or did the ideas just seem to flow pretty nicely?

Thank you! It wasn’t actually too gruelling a process which was nice considering I do go through phases of writers block/disliking everything I make, but it was a fairly relaxed year and a half (roughly) of writing. At the start of the process I remember focussing more on getting a few strong dance floor tunes done (like ‘Love Troubles’) and then as the process went on I started develop more of an overall idea of the range of styles I wanted to include on there. To give an example, I remember looking at the ‘pot’ and thinking there was a lot of bass heavy tunes with busy mixes and so decided to go for something more stripped back and emotive, which is where ‘Closeness’ came from.

What software/hardware did you use to make Colourspace?

Ableton 9 & Reason 9 on a mac. Yamaha HS7 monitors and a Novation midi keyboard.

Moving onto DJing, what is the best gig you've ever played to date?

I remember a fun one a couple of years ago at this annual Halloween festival down in Cornwall. I was on with Carasel and half way through the set a couple of female circus performers started dancing around on ropes from the top of the tent which was making us laugh.

We asked this same question to fellow Bristol-based producer Phaction in our last interview. What's it like being a producer and DJ in Bristol? Is it hard to get recognition in a city with so many other people trying to get gigs and build a name up for themselves?

I would definitely say it’s a productive and encouraging environment to be in for producers. Theres a constant flow of nights to go to to keep you inspired and to meet fellow dnb heads. So Phaction, for example, I’ll meet up with on a fairly regular basis to share our new tunes or work on new stuff together as he lives nearby. You can obviously do a lot of that stuff over the internet but hanging out with people in person lets you form stronger bonds. So definitely one of the best cities for up and comers I’d say.

Now the album is done, what can we expect to see from you in the next few months?

I’ll be out and about DJing as festival season is in full swing and working on new material in between that. I’ve done a few remixes recently, one of which will be coming out soon.

Finally, where would like to see yourself in 5 years time?

Doing exactly what I’m doing now, producing music and DJing at nights because I love it! I would also hope my musical style sounds much more carved-out and accomplished.

Thanks for the interview Hugh! Be sure to check out and grab a copy of Colourspace as well as follow Hugh on his social media pages:

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